The pictures below show the mikeburn and friends band with Kate Cassidy live, backstage, in the rehearsal room, at parties. Included are also pictures of collaboration partners from all over the world, mbaf's mixer dude and stage hands. Click on any thumbnail picture to see the full size version. *More pictures...*

Kate Cassidy live with MBAF in Frankfurt/Germany

Mike Burn and Kate Cassidy

mikeburn and friends live at the IC-Meeting/Hofheim

Mike Burn and Kate Cassidy

"Gone From Loving!"

Drums: Jaro Forejt

Bass: Werner Wenzlitschke

Keyboards/Sounddesign: Willi Bopp

Sax: Gabriel Herbst

Percussion: Delta Pomp (also known as Delta Mike)

Guitar: Mike Burn


Drums: Jaro Forejt (live at the Zeil-Open-Air in Frankfurt/Germany)

Mike Burn

MBAF live at the Zeil-Open-Air in Frankfurt/Germany

Live: Mike Burn and Chris Bowers from "Thinking Out Loud" Hongkong

Live in Frankfurt/Germany

Kate Cassidy: "Say What You Mean Boy!"


Chainsaw performance by Guntram Prochaska in Karlsruhe/Germany, backed by MBAF music!

Olli Lohmann, guitar guru and repair specialist. The only one who is allowed to touch Mike Burn's guitars :)

mikeburn and friends live

Percussion: Delta Pomp

MBAF Live @ "Kulturmeile" Karlsruhe/Germany

MBAF session with Chris Bowers ("Thinking Out Loud") from Hongkong


Photos by Axel Seidemann, Bettina Claude, Kristina Bode, Mike Burn, Sven Krailing, Torsten Bölting and Fans.

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International video project with Canadian artists Mark Hewer and Daniel Iorio:


MBAF played @ the Nozstock Festival in Birmingham/England 2005: